RFX RFCOVER-Mobile/Tablet/Wi-Fi/Hot-Spot Radiation Shield

₨ : 1499

Category: 2.

RFX RFCOVER is a smart cover used to provide shielding from harmful RF radiations of your mobile phone, tablet, and Wi-Fi router/hot-spot, etc. If a Wi-Fi router/hot-spot is kept in a smaller premises, like smaller houses/offices, then your body absorbs excessive amounts of RF radiations all the time. The danger of RF radiations is excessively increased at night; because in night you are idle, sleeping at one place, and your body absorbs a constant level of Mobile/Wi-Fi radiations for 8-10 hours. Some people complain about sleep disorders because of these radiations. You can use RFCOVER to cover your RF devices. The smart RFX RFCOVER DOES NOT block your RF device but only reduces its RF radiations. At night, you can cover your device through this cover and sleep peacefully without absorbing high amounts of RF radiations. RFCOVER is washable.