RFX LAPSAFE-Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield

₨ : 4499

Category: 1.

During long working hours on your laptops with activated Wi-Fi or dongle, your organs are exposed to excessively high levels of radiations for intolerably large duration. It has been reported by many researches that these radio frequency (RF) radiations can lead to many problems in both male and female like Cancer, Infertility, etc. RFX LAPSAFE is made of RF protective layers to reduce the RF radiations towards body organs beneath laptop. The upper layer is specially equipped with anti-skidding, anti-sliding, and heat absorbing properties along with RF radiation protection. RFX LAPSAFE can be used as a support while using your laptop on your lap, or below your laptop when it is kept on your working table. Tested at IIT DELHI LABORATORIES and by many volunteers, LAPSAFE reduces up to 99.5% Laptop radiations. LAPSAFE is light weight and easily accommodated in laptop bag.