RFX RFPOUCH-Smart Mobile PhoneRadiation Shielding Pouch

₨ : 1499

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Do you keep your mobile phone in your pocket? It is time to rethink about it. Your mobile phone is a source of microwave frequencies which keeps on emitting hazardous radiations even in idle state. Thus your internal organs absorb lots of harmful radiations all the time which can be very dangerous in long run. It is always recommended to carry your mobile phone in RF shielding cover. But most of RF shielding covers block your mobile phone signals and of no use. First time in India we introduce RFX RFPOUCH which is anti-radiation mobile pouch for mobile phones of 5.5 inch and smaller. It reduces the harmful mobile radiations from your mobile phone WITHOUT BLOCKING it. Tested at IIT DELHI LABORATORIES and by many volunteers for various mobile phones and makes, it perfectly fits into your pocket.